Problems With Backblaze Downloading

After recently having a hard drive go down on me, I’ve been looking into what options are out there as far as online backups go.  We all know how hard it is to remember to back up our data.  Despite the consequences, we continue to procrastinate.  It used to be really hard to back up your data, but with the advent of cloud backups and faster internet speeds, you can have a continuous backup of your files as long as you’re connected to the internet.

backblaze1When my hard drive went down I was incredibly thankful that I had been running Backblaze.  It really saved my butt.  And for that I can definitely recommend it as a good solution.  However, I ran into trouble with Backblaze when I was trying to download large .zip files with my backed up data.  I would end up with “ghost” files – files that were there, but had no data.  This happened for a LOT of files (not just large files), and it was pretty annoying to have to individually download those files.  I couldn’t download large batches. Also, the downloads ran quite slowly, which was another strange thing.  Why throttle the download speeds?

I ended up only being able to download small amounts of files at a time with any sort of reliability.  It was a bummer because I had to download a lot of video files to finish a project on time and I was up until about 3 in the morning because it just took an incredibly long time to download anything.  And although you can have them send you the data on a hard drive, it’s not exactly free or quick.  So unfortunately I guess you get what you pay for with Backblaze.  I mean, at least it’s backed up.

I sometimes use MyPCBackup on my laptop, and I think it does a decent job of backing up my files.  However their software is kind of clunky and it often will tell my my subscription is expired when I know that it’s definitely not.

I am now about to try out CrashPlan.  I will have to see how reliable they are as far as downloading large batches of files.  I work with large amounts of videos and photos so I need something reliable.  I know that local backups are the best for large amounts of data, but you have to have offsite backup too in order to really be safe.

Anyone have any experience with CrashPlan?  You can comment below.